How to: Earn Revenue From The First Week!

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how to earn revenue from the first week

Do you still believe that reaching Twitch Affiliate or getting that YouTube partner and surviving through donations from your viewers is the only way of earning some revenue from the content You are creating? Or reaching out to different companies asking if they want to sponsor you despite you having no business plan or a mission statement and lack the social media numbers to back up the lacking plans?

The first step You have to take is to sit down and think about taking your content. Do you want to create something big and inspiring, becoming a role model for others? Or do you want to have this as a relaxing hobby where You want to showcase it in front of friends, family, and the viewers? But, let us talk about how You should treat this as a business and make some hard-earned cash out of it that you can again use to invest in your content.

Social Media Strategy

Create social media accounts that suit your chosen name; for example, ProJBMedia has ProJB / ProJBStream / ProJBMedia covered on most social media platforms. Keep in mind that you need to keep your private social media life and your brand social media life separate and vigilant about what you share. Also, try to touch something personal, like your own picture on the profile and not the logo. For example, for Instagram, I use my brand logo, and the same goes for youtube, but I use my own picture of myself for Twitter.

When it comes to sharing content, you can decide which path you want to take, and you can create short sequences from your content and share it on Instagram and Twitter by uploading them to YouTube. For example; Let's say that you stream on Twitch and your viewers clip something awesome, or you clip it yourself. After the stream, you can then download your clips and upload them into any video-editing program and add intro and cool effects if that is your game. These can be 10 seconds shorts or 30 seconds, but I recommend 10 seconds shorts that are fast-paced filled with action or humor that engages the audience. Then you upload your shorts to Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and so on with the correct keywords, and you can use YouTube as the main platform for your content. Do you see how easy it can be? You have now engaged 4 different social media platforms by uploading 1 clip. Twitter should be used for retweets, short comments, and other social media personas and content creators. Of course, Instagram should share things related to your content and what you do, but if it's urgent posts you are after, Twitter is the best bet there.

NEVER DO FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW! No discussion, and it ruins your brand; that means that you should never ask or beg for a follow from others and never promote yourself inside others' social media platforms. Again, it's about being respectful and serious.


You can follow other content creators that you have engaged or follow them without asking anything in return. Slowly you will start increasing your social reach, and within the next few months, you have built yourself a brand. This takes us into creating a brand tag, a hashtag that people can use to expand your social reach further. For example, let's say ProJBMedia's brand tag is #ProJBMedia or #ProJB. Now you can use social media tools to check your own social reach through things called "social mentions."

But where is the revenue? Well, I never told you it would be easy, did I? What we've done now is creating value for others. A reason for them to support you and create yourself a serious brand from the outside and in.

Affiliate / Sponsor / Branding

The first tip is to never jump on the first deal that drops in your inbox; it's most probably a very bad deal where you end up wasting your time and money. Let's cover #affiliate first;

Check out - This is a very good example of a unique code by my own choosing #ProJB, and all I have to do is promote and market the products on my social media platforms with my code. This gives my audience a 15% discount on checkout and gives me 10% commissions on each sale. Same with - Anyone who uses that link gets 500 NOK to spend in their shop when they register, and I get 500 NOK as well for each person who signs up. Equivalent to 50/60 dollar. These two examples above are made into short links using, where I can track the traffic each of my links gives. As you can see, I've chosen two very lucrative affiliate deals, and I have found those by looking because you can't sit and expect good deals dropping down the first week.

It is also that you manage to find affiliate deals that fit your brand also, and that you can stand for as a person.

So, in short, an affiliate is where you promote something for free, and in return, you can get commissions or discounts on their products. But as I mentioned, it's very important that the product you choose to promote also reflects you.

#sponsor Everybody wants to be sponsored! But why? Agreeing to a sponsor can either destroy your brand or make you even create and richer, so which deals should you focus on? You must not limit yourself or paint yourself up in a corner. Some sponsorships claim exclusivity while some other sponsorships do not, it's up to you what you choose, but then we need to look at what value you bring the sponsor. Why do they reach out, and what do they want to promote through you? Few things you need to keep in mind;

  • Does the contract limit your freedom?

  • Does it claim exclusivity?

  • Does it make up for your own value?

  • Is this a product you can stand for and promote pure-heartedly?

If the contract claims brand exclusivity, it means that you can't work with other brands during that period, which means you can miss out on few good deals that might be worth more. So you always want to make sure you get the most of it.

I keep talking about value, but how do you value your own business? How do you value your business as a content creator? Remember the social media strategy I talked about at the beginning? Now, your social reach is a lot bigger by now if you have not done at least some of it. Hence your value is greater than it was from the beginning.

You can find your value by gathering analytics, and I suggest using Google Analytics and doing a few free courses from Google on how to use that. There are few formulas you can use, but finding out how much you are worth depends on how good you are at negotiating your value.

All in all, should a sponsor drop a contract, contact a lawyer who specializes in that field and get legal help to make sure you get the most of it and that you are safe.

In short terms; A sponsorship is offered from a company to you, where you get paid by promoting their product. You shall not pay anything or promote anything through discount codes and such; a sponsorship is plain and simple a payment from the company for you to promote for them. Affiliate and sponsorships get mixed up all the time.


Someone might ask if you want to promote their products for a set amount of time or a one-time deal; that's called branding. It can be through a blog like this where I talk about how good the services from #ProJBMedia are and how happy I am with them, or through a video where I go through the pros and cons of a product from #ProJBMedia.

There are different branding deals out there, and it all depends on you and what you want to promote. As explained above, it can be everything from product placement in a broadcasted event on a Livestream platform or to something you talk about.


Please keep in mind that this is only the tip of the iceberg, and we offer more in-depth coaching through our streamcoaching services and consulting services that you can find on our product pages. If you like these articles please share and like to help out with the algorithms and if there is something you want to point out feel free to reach out through the contact form. Yours,


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